Reservation Policy

Your deposit will be refunded if notification of cancellation is received, prior to arrival date, as follows: 7 days for regular rooms (non-holiday), 14 days for fireplace efficiencies (non-holiday), 30 days for rooms during holidays , 30 days for apartments and suites, and 60 day for houses. This deposit will be forfeited if your party arrives after the date specified or departs before the final day of your reservation. This policy has been standardized in the area for the mutual benefit of guests and innkeepers.

Pet Information: There are only a few select rooms on our property that allow a pet. Thus, it is mandatory for you to tell us upon making the reservation if you plan to bring a pet. There is a daily $12 pet charge. We welcome a well behaved pet under the following guidelines: only one pet per room is allowed; A dog must be kept on a leash outside; it cannot disturb other guests; a pet can never be left alone in the room unless in a kennel (and a number where you can be reached) and never be left alone if it barks.